Conditions of Refund of Security Deposit

Security deposit refunds will be made in accordance with the SC Residential Landlord and Tenant Acts and provided the following conditions are met (excerpted from your Rental Agreement):

This list provides estimates of the typical cost of property damage, replacement, and repair. You can avoid these fees by taking actions to receive all your deposit back. Actual charges may vary.

Electric Utility

You are responsible for contracting for electric service from the beginning of the Lease Term through the last day of the month (July 31) of the Lease Term. Set the thermostat to 78 degrees before you leave. Do not turn the HVAC system off since this can result in excess humidity and adverse results. During the summer months it is very important that the HVAC system is operable through the end of July. This means that the electric service must remain on. We will arrange for the incoming tenants to transfer responsibility for the electric utility. Cancel any other services (e.g. Internet, television, telephone).

Returning All Keys

The best way to return your keys is to leave them on the kitchen counter in an envelope listing the keys enclosed. You can then lock the door knob and pull the door shut. If you choose to mail the keys, review the regulations of the carrier that you use. It is your responsibility to return the keys in the condition you received them. "Putting them in the mail" is not sufficient. We have received keys through the mail that arrive like the following picture depicts. We have also received an empty envelope that looks similar to this picture.

An inexpensive method for using the low rates of the USPS first class mail service (that works most of the time) is to attach each key to a piece of plastic. You can improve your success rate by taking the envelope to the post office and have them ensure the proper postage amount and possibly mark the envelope as 'Non Machinable'.

Cleaning Checklist

The following items will be checked at the time of the inspection. Please be sure that you have checked each item carefully. If everything is complete, no cleaning fee should be deducted from your deposit. Make sure to clean the following: