Get to know your unit and the surrounding area. When you first move in, locate the breaker box and note the ground fault circuit breakers. Some of these are by the sinks and may not be in the breaker box. Find where the range, hot water heater, and air conditioner breakers are located. Locate the main water shut-off valve for the unit. Also locate the water shut-off for the hot water heater and under the sinks.

Order Utilities

Electric Service - Duke Energy Corporation

phone: 800.777.9898; Monday - Friday, 7 am to 9 pm

Although you may prefer the on-line method, a phone call may be easier and the processing time is reduced from 72 hours (on-line) to 24 hours. If you place your electric order on-line (see the image of the Duke Energy progress bar below), note the first option in the Current Address section (part 2) "Is this address served by Duke Energy?" is not referring to "99 Wyatt" (which is the service address in part 3), but rather your present address. In most cases you should select the second option "No, Address is NOT served by Duke Energy" followed by an address that is used to conduct a credit check which may allow you to avoid a deposit. If you select the first option, you will be required to enter your Duke Energy account number. Only select this first option if you are transferring service from your current address.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

All residential customers must establish credit prior to the connection of electrical service. Customers with existing Duke Energy services who have no more than two late payments in the last 12 months and no previously charged off accounts are not required to pay a security deposit. For new customers, Duke Energy runs a credit check at the time of application to determine whether a security deposit will be required. Duke Energy Carolinas will assess a non-refundable $15 connect fee for all newly activated electric accounts.

Cable TV and Internet Service

AT&T Services - Internet, TV and Home Phone

Vyve Broadband - Internet, TV and Home Phone


Contact FCFW to make arrangements to obtain your unit and mail keys.


Each unit has two numbered parking spaces. Mike Tester is the current parking coordinator. He sends out instructions to all residents in early August on how to obtain a parking decal. Parking enforcement (towing) is suspended until late August after the distribution of parking decals.

Death Valley Towing
926 Shiloh Road
Seneca, SC 29678

As a resident, you may only park in an assigned space for your unit. We are currently experimenting with designating one of your two numbered parking spaces as a double parking space as long as the second car does not cover the red line at the end of the space.

You are subject to towing if you are parked in the assigned space of another unit. Visitor parking is currently limited to four hours and requires a Visitors Hang Tag. Visitor spaces are for visitors to 99 Wyatt only and are not to be used by residents or by students commuting to class. No parking or driving in landscaped areas. Review the current parking regulations.

Renter’s Insurance

It is strongly recommended that you purchase renter’s insurance which protects the contents of your unit and offers liability coverage if issues arise. Tenants mistakenly think they are covered by the insurance policy for the building. The landlord’s insurance only protects the physical structure and any of the landlord’s possessions. If you do not have insurance and there is an event at the property, the insurance for the building will not cover your possessions. Consider the following:

Unit Condition Checklist

All of us (carpet steamer, painter, cleaner, maintenance people, etc) have worked to restore your unit to like-new condition. Print out the Unit Condition Checklist and use it as a prompt to inspect your unit. Note any irregularities that you find on this document and return it to FCFW by August 15. We will use this checklist as a comparison when the final inspection is performed at the end of the rental period. We will assume that there is no damage or excessive wear if we do not receive a completed checklist.