Where can my parents send care packages (what is my mailing address)?
You can receive mail and small packages at the following address:
99 Wyatt Avenue, Unit 71x
Clemson, SC 29631
How do I pay rent?
The monthly rent is paid by check (arrangements can be made for alternate payment through Zelle or Venmo) made payable to FCFW, LLC. Payment is due on the first of each month with a late fee due in the event payment is not received by the fifth of the month. The mailing address is provided in your Rental Agreement. Please send one check for the total rent amount.
Where can I park?
Each unit has three free numbered parking spaces. Each resident must register their vehicle at Death Valley Towing to obtain a parking sticker. Additional visitor parking is also available for your friends.
Are pets allowed?
Unfortunately, as cute as Spot is, she is not allowed, even temporarily. We love your furry friends, but our carpets and floors do not.
Are any utilities included in the rent amount?
Water usage and trash pickup are included in the rent amount. i.e. enjoy a long shower
What if I misplace my unit key?
Locking yourself out of your unit can be most frustrating, especially if you can envision exactly where your keys are, hanging on that key hook just inside the door. At this point, there are a few steps you can take to get inside your unit. No worries. You can borrow a key from Foothills Property Management (1017 Tiger Blvd, Clemson, SC 29631) or contact them (864.654.1000) and for a small fee they will unlock your door.
When should I connect the utilities?
Although a candle lit room can be romantic, we find that we quickly miss the conveniences of electric power (Internet connectivity, a warm shower). Connect the utilities prior to your move in date.
Can I have someone not named on the Rental Agreement occupy our unit?
All residents must be named on the rental agreement. Let us know if you are planning on studying abroad or co-oping for a semester. We can create a sublet agreement that protects both you and FCFW.
How do I request a repair?
Please report any maintenance items promptly by submitting a maintenance request:
Maintenance Request
When I move out, what do I need to do to receive my security deposit back?
Our goal is to refund to you 100% of the security deposit within 30 days of the end of your lease.  If your security deposit has to be used towards damage, repairs, etc. a reconciliation of these charges and any funds left over will be refunded within 30 days of the end of your lease.