Vehicles can only park in designated spaces (Numbered or Visitor) if they display one of three permits (Resident Decal, Owner Hangtag, Visitor Hangtag).

  Resident Decal Owner Hangtag Visitor Hangtag
Numbered Space Only in a space assigned to the resident, owner, or their guest
Visitor Space NO PARKING 4 hour maximum; 24 hour waiting period
Resident must be present with their visitor
No commuters
Moving a vehicle does not reset time
permit conditions maximum of three residents per unit one per non-resident owner one per unit
associated with a specific vehicle and tag number associated with a unit
no identifying information unit number on hangtag

Each Numbered space is assigned to a specific unit.

A Resident Decal must be attached in the lower corner (driver’s side) of the rear window. This decal is available through on-line registration (Death Valley Towing) beginning in August and is valid through August 31 of the following year. A maximum of three resident decals can be registered for each unit.

A Visitor Hangtag must be attached to the rear view mirror and clearly visible from both the front and rear windows of the vehicle. A lost hangtag can be replaced for a $25 fee and will be identified as a replacement.  The previously issued hangtag is invalid and use of it is subject to a $250 fine and a towed vehicle.

The Visitor Hangtag can be purchased for $20 ($10 for the annual permit, $10 deposit). The $10 deposit will be refunded upon return of the tag. Renewal of the same tag will be $10 each year for the term August 1 through July 31. Submit requests for a visitor hangtag to

More than one vehicle can be parked in a space with a red line at the back as long as no part of the rear vehicle extends beyond the red line.

Motorized Bikes may only be parked in front of your vehicle in a Numbered space. They must display a Resident Decal.

Vehicles parked in areas not designated above are subject to towing.

An owner or resident may request a vehicle parked in their assigned Numbered space to be towed.

No parking or driving in landscaped areas.  Violators are fined $100 plus the cost of any damages.

Each unit is assigned two Numbered spaces.  Additional Numbered Parking Spaces are leased to residents for a fee subject to the following conditions:

Last updated: August 28, 2017